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Course overview

The intention of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the steps required to achieve an optimal integrated field development plan with accurate lifecycle cost estimates for oil and gas developments.
Delegates will gain an appreciation of the key project drivers and how various disciplines interact to maximise project value and mitigate financial and technical risk.
All areas of field development planning stages are covered, beginning with the basics of oil and gas exploration through to defining what is required for project sanction and finally how to execute a successful development.
In addition a significant emphasis will be placed on evaluating the different types of facilities available to develop a hydrocarbon discovery. The various configurations and associated costs for onshore, offshore and subsea facilities and drilling components will be covered, looking at the key drivers to estimating accurate costs and minimise project risk.   

The course is designed for

All personnel within the industry who have an interest in developing oil and gas projects;
Explorationists, geoscientists, reservoir and petroleum engineers, drilling and completion engineers, process and facilities engineers, commercial and finance professionals and managers.

Course outline


Life cycle of an oil and gas project
Industry trends on maturing oil and gas projects
Hydrocarbon accumulations
Overview of exploration techniques
Decision to explore

Evaluating a discovered oil/gas field

Key data collected during exploration
Estimating hydrocarbons in place
Estimating recoverable volumes
Recovery mechanisms
Facilities choice for possible development options
Export options
Estimating development costs at this stage
Do we need more information – appraisal?

Evaluating the different development options

What are the key drivers for a successful development?
Identifying project risks
Identifying key reservoir uncertainties
Subsurface evaluation and building models
Type of wells needed for proposed development
Costing the different development options
Development economics
Are we ready to select a concept?    
Requirements for project sanction
Field Development Plan (FDP)
Reservoir management plan
Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
Risk register

"Excellent instructor – Very wide-ranging experience."
- NCOC/Kazakhstan

Course terms and conditions

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