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Bilim Teknoloji

Istanbul, Turkey
İstanbul / Fatih

Do you want to feel proud of your work? Write code that your colleagues will admire? Move fast without compromising quality? Build long-living software that is easy and fun to maintain? Get out of technical debt without big upfront time investment? Professionally articulate technical decisions to your team and management? Build remarkable engineering career?

Then this course is for you.

During this intensive, practical and entertaining 2-day course you will learn principles, practices and patterns for writing readable, maintainable and effective code.

✅ The course is based on real-world project code, stories and examples

✅ The course includes practical Lab work

✅ The course is updated to support Java 9 and functional programming idioms

✅ The course will show many frameworks in action including Spring, Hystrix and others

✅ The course runs in a small group with a lot of discussion and experience exchange

✅ Attendees will receive optional coding assignment for skill polishing. Homework will be reviewed and supplemented by constructive feedback.


Software development economy (clean code rationale, design entropy, busting "quality is expensive" myth, consequences of bad code)

Principles, rules, laws and dilemmas (use-reuse paradox, specific-generic dilemma, Law of Demeter, KISS, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, just-enough design)

Clean coding practices

Effective Naming (principle of least astonishment, command-query separation, eliminating getters and setters, side-effects)

Effective Conditionals (how and when to avoid branching, how to eliminate nested branching, making branching easy-to-read)

Effective Functions (nulls vs. optionals, single level of abstraction, step-down rule, lambda or not to lambda?)

Effective Classes (OO meets functional, objects vs. data structures, abstraction, coupling, cohesion)

Effective Comments (when and how to avoid, alternatives)

Effective Application Layer (commands, reactions, funnels)

Effective Domain modeling (DDD, protecting invariants, value objects, entities, aggregates, event bus, strong and eventual consistency)

Effective Persistence (transaction management, unit of work pattern, DAO vs. repository, testing data)

Effective Validation (simple and complex rule validation, why Bean Validation sucks, writing custom validator)

Effective Exception Handling (when and how to handle exceptions, designing exception hierarchy, checked vs. unchecked)

Effective Resilience (failure modes, responding to failures, stability patterns, Hystrix)

Effective Concurrency (CompletableFuture, RxJava, testing concurrency and asynchrony)

How to stay clean and move fast (incremental refactoring, effective code reviews, pairing, CoPs, brown-bags, quality forecasting with Sonar)

… and much more!


Forward-thinking Java developers, architect and team leads willing to significantly improve their Java expertise, productivity and career opportunities.


After 2 days of intensive work, you earn a certificate of accomplishment.

View example certificate


The course is taught in English.


More information and tickets is available here.
2nd International conference on Engineering Technology, Applied Sciences and Computing
04 Nisan - 05 Nisan - 09:00 - 15:00
Istanbul Gonen Hotel
Bilim Teknoloji
KalibraTech 2019
04 Nisan - 06 Nisan - 10:00 - 17:00
Bilim Teknoloji
IoT EurAsia 2019
09 Nisan - 08:30 - 17:30
Hilton Bosphorus
Bilim Teknoloji
11 Nisan - 13 Nisan - 10:00 - 18:30
Bilim Teknoloji
Bilim Teknoloji
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